We will provide the funding for your bathroom retrofit project

Why you should hire Apartment Water Management Company
as your water & sewer retrofitting company

You might be asking why you should hire AWMC to do a complete bathroom retrofit in your building versus using your own workers to complete the process little by little. Our answer? Because you will save quite a bit more money when you hire us to do the project all at once.

Here’s what we do for you:

We self-finance our retrofit work and get paid ONLY from a percentage of agreed to savings. There are no up-front deposits or required completion payments following our installation. After an ‘agreed to‘ shared savings period – generally from 3 to 5 years – you get 100 percent of the savings.

We install water conserving bathroom fixtures which immediately results in a ‘multiplier effect‘ on the market value of your project – usually 5 to 7 times the annual savings.

We take into account factors that may not be apparent to the landlord/owner, such as the use of sub-metering, municipal incentive programs and future usage projections.

We look at tenant profile, budget, cost effectiveness, durability and property history, and then make recommendations on the proper water conserving devices to optimize your savings.

We utilize a team of experienced professionals who know what to look for and how to solve problems. This results in the work being done correctly with the right equipment for the right result.

We offer turnkey service: we’ll give notice to your tenants, deliver the new fixtures, remove the old fixtures, work in pairs to assure security, complete all paperwork and inspect all work at the completion of the project.

We buy fixtures in large quantities and then pass that savings on to you.

We continually research more efficient fixtures and new technology – always trying to find new ways to SAVE you money!

We keep abreast of changing events that affect the ‘use‘ and ‘price‘ of WATER.

Because Saving Water is Always Good Business

Water Saving Stealth® 0.8 GPF Toilets

  • Stealth toilets achieve a powerful, quiet flush using only 0.8 gallons of water.
  • Saves up to 20,000 gallons of water per year (over older-higher water use toilets).
  • Saves up to $101 per year on water usage, and $1,013 in its lifetime, depending on wastewater rate.
  • 600 MaP Performance (Miso Rating / Grams)

In keeping with our mission to provide and install the best, most appropriate toilets for your property, we are now recommending the Stealth Dual-Flush toilets for properties that are sub metered.

  • 400 MaP performance (Miso Rating / Grams) @ 0.5GPF and 800 MaP Performance (Miso Rating / Grams) @ 0.95 GPF

MaP is a toilet flushing performance scale with 100 being the lowest and 1000 being the highest rating. In order to qualify to be designated as a Water Sense fixture, a 350 Map score is required